Acer looking to launch super thin laptop with ‘touch keyboard’ this year?

Touchscreen keyboard sentiment can be divided into two camps: those who don’t mind it and those who can’t do without a physical keyboard. If you’re part of the first camp, you may be excited to hear that Acer might just be working on a notebook so thin that it uses a frameless screen and touch keyboard, according to DigiTimes.

It’s apparently expected sometime in the second half of this year. According to the article:

“Acer is expected to adopt Corning’s reinforced glass substrate and simply print color on its back to allow the substrate to function like a notebook cover for a frameless design. The design will help reduce the thickness of the ultra-thin notebook and can also reduce material costs.”

In order to keep everything as svelte as possible, DigiTimes’ sources mentioned that “Acer will also adopt a touch keyboard to allow the notebook to be even thinner.” And judging by Acer’s relatively aggressive pricing strategy, I’d guess that the whole thing might cost less than you’d expect. Details are pretty scant at the moment, though, so let’s take this all with a grain of salt until we get some more concrete information.

Acer to launch a frameless-screen ultra-thin notebook with touch keyboard in 2H10 [DigiTimes]