WTFJeans feature special iPhone pocket, testicle padding, other weirdness

WTF, indeed. These “WTFJeans” have a special micro fiber-lined iPhone/iPod Touch pocket (good idea), hidden memory stick pocket (okay, I guess), and extra padding on both sides of the crotch area so that, according to the product description, “No matter whether you wear the family jewels on the right like 90 percent of guys, or whether you’re a leftie—extra padding on both sides keeps them cozy.” Again, WTF indeed.

The jeans are made in Europe and the first 100 pairs will sell for 59 Euro (around $80). That’s a “beta price” and the jeans ship April 1st, which may mean that these are an elaborate April Fool’s joke a month in the making. They’re not quite dumb enough to not be real, though, except for the ball warming feature. That micro fiber-lined pocket is actually a good idea.

The stitching around the jeans is “Twitter bloo”. I’m beginning to think this whole Twitter thing might be catching on, seeing that it’s made its way into weird European pants. The jeans will be available in men’s and women’s cuts, although the ladies miss out on the hot crotch zone features.

WTFJeans [ via Mashable]