The Samsung 650TS is a gigantic e-board

As part of a “digital classroom” roadshow currently underway in Germany, Samsung is showing off it’s new “e-board”. This e-board, in 65″ and 82″ sizes, is a really interesting convergence of e-book reader, smartboard, and classroom display solution. In addition to typical smartboard functionality, it can also display the desktop of a connected PC or laptop, as well as display contents from Samsung ebook readers using their new “emoLink” technology.

There’s a write-up in German for those who can read that fine language (or who can suffer through a Google translation). A video introduction, again in German, is presented here for your edification.

Expect pricing to be around 9,000 euro. That’s more than $12K USD, which is far from cheap, but the new functionality should open some interesting new possibilities in classrooms.

Thanks Johannes for the tip!