Sony files patent for degradable video game demo

Sonyhas filed a patent for a new type of video game demo that’s worth mentioning here. Rather than your typical demo, where they give you level to mess around with, they essentially give you the whole game. As you play the demo, the game “disappears.”

So, let’s say you’re playing a racing game demo—you have all the cars and tracks available to your. After one race, now you only have half the number of cars and tracks to select from. After the next race, half that number, and so on.

Neat, right? One thing that could be an issue, today’s demos are typically fairly small in size, so if these new demos are to includes much more content, that would increase the size of the download. That might be an issue if you have a smaller hard drive, or slower Internet connection, but otherwise, yeah, let’s beat the beat up.