Let's talk about Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Most of your friendly neighborhood CrunchGear writers have played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for at least a little bit. We have different opinions about the game, but I think we all like it to a degree. I bought it for two reason: the Eurogamer review was glowing, and I wanted to support Modern Warfare 2‘s most direct competitor. Genres grow stale when one game/publisher so utterly dominates it, so $50 EA’s way hopefully will go toward keeping the FPS genre as fresh as it can be. I mean, there’s but so many ways you can make “put-cursor-over-man’s-face-and-left-click” before you’re like, “Man, I’m bored, let’s go bowling.”

Like I said, I bought the game primarily to support Modern Warfare 2‘s most direct competitor; I don’t want to live in a world where the only successful FPS in one that includes laughably over-the-top dialogue and such grasping at straws as No Russian. It was a protest purchase if nothing else. Yes, I’m that crazy. Long-time readers know this by now.

As it turns out, though, whoa! The game isn’t half-bad at all. I’ve only played about an hour or so of the single-player campaign—the PC multi-player servers were all messed up last night, so I couldn’t jump in—but I already like it more than Modern Warfare 2‘s. The weird thing is, the single-player mode is, well, not an afterthought, but certainly not the game’s main draw. So if I’m this satisfied with the single-player, imagine how I’ll feel when I actually jump into multi-player! The game also looks better than Activision’s, almost as good as Crysis, I’d say. (Note: Edge magazine has a big preview of Crysis 2 in this month’s issue, and I do believe we’ll get to play that game in a month or so, so hooray for us!)

Matt Burns, on the other hand, is still a Modern Warfare 2 mark. “Blah blah, this and that, yada yada, nonsense.” He actually said that! He also said, “So far Modern Warfare 2‘s single-player is better than Battlefield‘s.” Matt also likes the Detroit Lions, so I wouldn’t trust what he says.

Greg Kumparak, of MobileCrunch fame, said he’s “not hooked, but also really tired of single player FPS.” This is true. After this game, I cannot see myself purchasing another FPS for a long while, unless Valve surprises us with Half-Life 2: Episode Three. I wouldn’t hold my breathe over that one, though.

There wasn’t really a point to this post, no. Just a sorta, “hey, we all like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to a degree, maybe you will, too.” If you have the big bucks, the game also works with Nvidia’s 3D vision.

The game I’m about to sink the next big amount of time into? Napoleon: Total War. He’s easily the greatest person in the history of history.