Ballmer hints that new Xbox styles may be coming

And lo, from the Ballmer came the words, and the words were about the Xbox, and they did ponder the words as to what they meant. And then the idle speculation started, and people started posting stuff on the internet, and it just got silly. But judging from (and speculating from) some comments that Ballmer said at a recent UW speech, there’s a pretty good chance that there may be some new kinds of Xboxen coming to your television.

Again, this is speculation drawn from an off the cuff comment from a crazy man, but the basic idea is Microsoft hasn’t completely bailed on the idea of creating an Xbox designed strictly for media, ala’ AppleTV. Here’s what was actually said:

“In the case of the TV we’ve got both strategies. We actually have a TV implementation in some senses built into Windows,” Ballmer said. “It works really well for small screen TVs that you might call a PC, but for that big screen device here’s a piece of hardware that we build, there’s no diversity. You get exactly the Xboxes that we build for you. We may have more form factors in the future that are designed for various price points and options, but we think it’s going to [be] important.”

Of course, does this mean anything? Probably not, but it’s Friday afternoon on a slow news day, and we all need something to talk about right?

[Via Gearlog