Apple Stock Hits All-Time High, Near $200B Market Cap

Hot off the news that the iPad will ship more-or-less on time on April 3, Apple stock has shot up to a new all-time high of 219.70, besting a previous high of 215.59, which it hit on January 5, 2010.

Apple had originally said that the iPad was going to be shipping in “late March”, so it’s missing its target by a few days, but after multiple rumors of substantial delays, investors are probably breathing a sigh of relief. Still, while the launch date has been set, there’s a chance that production issues could make it hard to actually find a device.

Apple’s market cap is now very close to $200B, currently standing at $199.17B. That’s above Google’s market cap of $179.73B — the two companies, which are increasingly at odds with each other, have swapped places multiple times over the last few years.