Yes! Another Ron and Fez Twitter party, this time for The Oscars!

Ron and Fez, the fantastic Sirius XM radio show that makes my day every day, will host the world’s first second Twitter party on Sunday! It’s a follow-up to last month’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Twitter Party, which was pretty much a gigantic success. What’s being celebrated this time around? The Oscars (gi gi gi)! It gets even better: a live radio show will actually accompany the Twitter party. I’m excited.

You know the drill: be sure to keep your eye on @202Friends once Sunday rolls around for a chance to win some sweet swag. Among the prizes: a copy of the movie Titanic signed by James Cameron, Ordinary People signed by Timothy Hutton, and—and this should be a treat for all you sci-fi fans—a copy of Lord of the Rings signed by Peter Jackson!

Considering that all you’d have to do is follow @202Friends to win this stuff, you’d be a fool not to play along!

All that, and a live, special edition of Ron and Fez at 8pm on Sirius 197/XM 202? Count me in, dogsy! I don’t know a damn thing about movies, but hearing the guys discuss ’em is one of the highlights of the show.