Yes! Another Ron and Fez Twitter party, this time for The Oscars!

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Ron and Fez, the fantastic Sirius XM radio show that makes my day every day, will host the world’s first second Twitter party on Sunday! It’s a follow-up to last month’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Twitter Party, which was pretty much a gigantic success. What’s being celebrated this time around? The Oscars (gi gi gi)! It gets even better: a live radio show will actually accompany the Twitter party. I’m excited.

You know the drill: be sure to keep your eye on @202Friends once Sunday rolls around for a chance to win some sweet swag. Among the prizes: a copy of the movie Titanic signed by James Cameron, Ordinary People signed by Timothy Hutton, and—and this should be a treat for all you sci-fi fans—a copy of Lord of the Rings signed by Peter Jackson!

Considering that all you’d have to do is follow @202Friends to win this stuff, you’d be a fool not to play along!

All that, and a live, special edition of Ron and Fez at 8pm on Sirius 197/XM 202? Count me in, dogsy! I don’t know a damn thing about movies, but hearing the guys discuss ’em is one of the highlights of the show.

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