A-Box bulletproof iPod amp – the "A" stands for "Awesome" (and "ammo")

Well, I have to say, this is by far the coolest iPod amp/speaker set I’ve ever seen. To be fair, it’s not actually new — it’s the same basic audio components as the iBox, by the same people — and of course the ammo box is vintage. But put them together and BAM, new product. So, so great. With the speaker grills and everything? Brilliant.

Lots more info and big pics at Thodio’s site, where you’ll also find that this sucker costs a hot €475, or around $650. Damn!

You could probably hack something like this together with some decent speakers, a T-amp, and an ammo box from Army/Navy Surplus, but unless you’re a real cool hand at it, it’s not going to be nearly as good as this one. I was thinking of emailing these guys and asking to review this thing, but who am I kidding? First, they’re in the Netherlands and it would cost them like $200 to ship the thing, and secondly the iBox has been around for a while, as I mentioned. Though I’m sure I’ve never seen one. Well, Thodio, if you feel like sending one my way, I think you have a general idea of what kind of review it’d get.

I know, that sounds unethical, but really, a sweet self-contained speaker set that’s actually bulletproof? How could it go wrong?

[via The Awesomer and Gizmodo]