Evan Williams, Marissa Mayer, Steven Chen Named World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders 2010

Every year the World Economic Forum names its Young Global Leaders, a list of up-and-comers from the worlds of business, politics, culture, and non-profits. Last year’s list included YouTube founder Chad Hurley, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Digg founder Kevin Rose, and Skype CEO Josh Silverman.

Today, the World Economic Forum named its 2010 Young Global Leaders. There are 197 people on the list overall, including celebrities like musician Wyclef Jean and fashion designer Stella McCartney. Some of the startup CEOs and tech execs on this year’s least include:

Evan Williams—CEO and co-founder of Twitter
Marissa Mayer—VP, Search Product and User Experience, Google
Steven Chen—Co-founder, YouTube
Peter Corsell—CEO, GridPoint
Calvin Chin—CEO, Qifang
Heather Fleming—CEO, Catapult Design
David Rosenberg—CEO, Hycrete