Toyota's gas pedal fix not working according to some owners

Ruh roh, some Toyota owners are claiming that the little metal shim installed in their pedals haven’t stopped the cars from fits of sudden acceleration. At least seven complaints have been filed in the last two weeks to the NHTSA stating they are still having the problem. This isn’t going to end well if it’s true.

Those seven complaints are just a tiny, tiny fraction of the 1,000,000 vehicles Toyota dealerships serviced over the last few weeks. The claims are so far unverified. The agency will need to investigate before any action takes place as there are no doubt at least seven whack jobs out there capable of filing false claims. But if you’re an owner of the 10,000,000 recalled Toyota’s, please, please let your dealership know if you’re having acceleration issues after they installed the supposed fix. It starts and ends at the dealership, not with a government agency. [LATime via Autoblog]