Stripgenerator is one lean, mean comic strip creation tool

[Slovenia] Stripgenerator, a web based tool for creating comic strips, just released a new version based on Flash and Javascript. Unlike most tools of its kind, whose interfaces are made to look pretty, Stripgenerator’s service takes a more minimalistic approach – focusing on ease-of-use and simplicity over eye-candy.

Created by Slovenian web and mobile application developer 3fs, Stripgenerator is based around a community of users who constantly create new comic strips. The free tool lets you create a strip using predefined frames, characters and objects. Using your mouse, you drag and drop as well as rotate and resize the objects. The predefined objects are minimalistically designed, so even non-artistic users should be able to create something that looks decent. Hopefully, the strips they create will be funny as well.

What’s interesting about Stripgenerator is that they have managed to foster a community of users that are actually a community. Lots of comics that are uploaded don’t in fact use Stripgenerator’s built in tools. Instead, they’re created using software such as Photoshop and then uploaded to Stripgenerator. With art creation communities such as DeviantART giving way to more mainstream social networks, Stripgenerator’s users actually comment on each other’s strips.

In a market that’s filled with lots of clipart and colorful characters, Stripgenerator definitely stands out. Those who don’t get on well with the often kitsch interfaces of most comic creation tools, Stripgenerator will prove a good alternative. With 40,000 users and 300,000 strips so far, it seems Stripgenerator’s minimalistic approach is paying off.

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