LED flashlight records nightvision video

Ghost hunters, rejoice. Not only does this $150 LED flashlight record 640×480 video at 30 frames per second, it’s also got an eight foot nightvision range that allows it to record in complete darkness.

There’s a five-hour rechargeable lithium ion battery, support for microSD cards up to 8GB (20 hours of video) and, oh yeah, it’s a flashlight too. You know, for seeing in the dark.

According to the product description:

With this hidden camcorder that looks and acts like a regular LED flashlight, you can use it as just that, and record at the same time. With the built-in nightvision, you can record crystal clear footage and take pictures without anyone knowing exactly what you’re doing. This is great tool for bouncers or security guards working in dark bars or clubs for when they check IDs. Also great for regular surveillance hoping to protect themselves, throw the Flashlight Camcorder in your car or pocket and be prepared for any break down or nighttime excursion.

This actually seems like it’d be very useful for certain applications, and not ridiculously expensive at $150. Aside from ghost hunting and ID checking, this product will unfortunately be a big topic of discussion at peeping clubs everywhere. Do they have peeping clubs?

Hidden Camcorder Flashlight – SPY Camera Hidden In A Flashlight [Brick House Security]