The Asus DR-900 ebook reader brings Wi-Fi and 3g to a 9-inch screen

The Kindle DX better watch its back. There’s a new 9-inch ebook reader on the bus. The Asus DR-900 offers nearly everything that makes the Kindle DX special, a 9-inch E-ink screen, Wi-Fi, and optional 3G wireless, plus it has an SD card slot for further expansion over the 2GB built-in storage. But none of that matters. The Kindle DX still has something that’s more important than those hardware specs. It has access to the Kindle Store.

This is a common theme among nearly all new ebook readers. They might have solid hardware, but a robust catalog of content isn’t available. The readers are just expected to survive on their own without a clear-cut content delivery system. That’s the primary reason many of the ebook readers announced world-wide will never make it to the States. There just isn’t a market for non-Kindle or non-Nook readers here. It’s all about the content.