The 128GB Corsair Flash Voyager GTR is quicker than your average 128GB flash drive

Corsair has always been known to make speedy flash drives and the new $426 128GB Flash Voyager GTR lives up to that perception. Corsair even claims it’s fast enough to run an OS. 34MB/s read and 28MB/s write speeds are thanks to a quad-channel architecture, which is apprarently a lot faster than competing drives. But I’m not satisified. It needs to be faster than that.

So how about it, Corsair? When’s the USB 3.0 drive going to come out that should be able to sustain read/write speeds north of 100MB/s? That’s what we really want and saw one from Chaintech just yesterday. Come on, jump on the bandwagon and give us real speed. [Corsair via UberGizmo