TechHub Aims To Be A London Base For UK, Euro And US Startups

TechHub (@TechHub), the project set up by Elizabeth Varley to create a physical space in London for tech startups “from from across the UK, Europe, the US and beyond”, appears to be well on its way. It is now accepting a limited number of Founder Memberships, booking sponsors and details about the actual space will, I’m told, be outlined shortly.

Comparisons could be made with the similar-ish Plug and Play Tech Centers in Silicon Valley, although TechHub’s model feels like it may well be better adapted to the spread-out nature of the European scene, and potentially more flexible. It’s also not an incubator.

Not bad for an idea dreamt up a couple of years ago by my colleague and editor Mike Butcher, who is now helping Varley out as a board advisor on strategy. Perhaps because of that, the back-story here is relevant.