Palm webOS 1.4 SDK released to developers, allows apps to record video

It’s a bit different than the “developers get the new firmware first” mentality we’ve grown used to from those other guys, but Palm has now released the SDK for webOS 1.4.

The flagship feature of webOS 1.4 (besides Adobe Flash support, which isn’t available just yet) is its new found ability to record video. With this latest SDK, access to video recording has been extended to third-party applications — which, as Electronista points out, could open the doors for the likes of Qik, Ustream, and other live video broadcasting applications.

There are a handful of other bug fixes, performance upgrades, and little dev-centric features thrown in the mix – but unless you’re an uber geek (and I mean that in the most loving way), you probably don’t care too much. If you are an uber geek, however, you can find the full SDK changelog along with the SDK download right here. You don’t even have to sign an NDA!