GameStop selling 250GB Xbox 360 drive

Well lookie at that, GameStop is selling a 250GB Xbox 360 drive separately from a console. Microsoft has said in the past that they don’t plan on selling the larger drives without a bundle, so I doubt these are a new or official product, but rather GameStop coming up with something on their own.

The listing for the drive popped up on GameStop’s website for $129.99, but the product isn’t available until 3/23. There’s also not a whole lot of details about rather it’s new, used, or whatever. So either someone accidentally leaked some info a bit early, or GameStop finally figured out what to do with all those hard drives they’ve been taking in trade in on the Elite consoles. My guess is the latter, but only time will tell. It does fit their business model, selling the used drives separate from the console sounds very much like something that they would do.

[via Destructoid]