Classic patent troll SCO sells mobile assets

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here but SCO is selling its “mobile assets” to former CEO, Darl McBride, for $35,000, a move that essentially tears the company into delicate little pieces. What is McBride getting?

Get a load of the assets going for $35,000. Not only do the copyrights and the source code go to the buyer, but there are 12 servers in the deal, 13 domain names, and 10 developer smartphonees. You find the list in Exhibit C Part 6, which begins with a list of the source code products involved in this transaction, but I notice something else. The deal is supposed to be, if approved, between SCO Group, MIH,LLC and Darl McBride. That is typical of a deal with an LLC, which, being a limited liability company with unknown resources, might shut down and then there is no way to enforce. So often you’ll see that someone with the LLC has to personally sign the deal too, so there is someone to sue, if necessary. But in this case, although all three are named in the Agreement, I see only two signature lines, Cahn (with Bonnie Fatell signing for him by permission) and MIH, LLC, with Darl signing as President, but I don’t see Darl’s signature line as obligating himself as an individual, outside of the LLC.

Clearly this is a end-of-life move for SCO but when Groklaw can’t even figure out what’s going on here I give up. I used to follow SCO for years but recently it’s just seemed like a pointless enterprise. It appears they’re going to just keep litigating until death.