• Indestructible map is indestructible

    Maps are among the more invaluable travel tools. Android/iPhone apps are nice, but sometimes analog is just the best way to go. Industrial designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso has these Tyvek city maps in the pipes that look like they can handle anything you throw at them. Read More

  • GameStop selling 250GB Xbox 360 drive

    Well lookie at that, GameStop is selling a 250GB Xbox 360 drive separately from a console. Microsoft has said in the past that they don’t plan on selling the larger drives without a bundle, so I doubt these are a new or official product, but rather GameStop coming up with something on their own. Read More

  • Cadence wants you to learn how to tell time in binary

    Here’s a geeky watch that won’t destroy your budget. Cadence teamed up with designer John Flear to produce the 4-BIt watch. The geek angle? All of the time indications are shown in 4-bit binary language instead of arabic or roman numerals. Read More

  • Build (or just buy) your own flying hovercraft

    Fancy having your own hovercraft? Want one that’ll take off and fly? Well a New Zealand man designed, built, and flies his very own flying hovercraft. The drawback – you have to launch and land from on the water in order to actually be able to fly. Read More

  • Upgrade the UI on your shuffle button for $1

    Do you keep music on your iPhone you don’t listen to anymore? Did you ever wish the shuffle button looked prettier? With Taptivate’s new app, Attic, you get exactly that. Read More

  • Valve understands the internet, quietly launches biggest alternate reality game since "I Love Bees"

    Yesterday, a minor update was pushed out to Portal, which read: “Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations.” It was noticed shortly after that a new achievement had been added: “Transmission received.” Upon opening the game, people found that there were radios scattered about the game, with red LEDs that would… Read More

  • Silicon Valley Delegation To Go To D.C. To Rally Support For Startup Visa Act

    The U.S. needs to be more welcoming of startup founders, no matter where they were born. But the illegal immigration debate is so politically sensitive that startup founders, who create tons of jobs, get lumped in with migrant farm workers and the discussion sort of comes to a crashing halt there. Now is the time for us to rally, though, and avoid this type of situation. There is real… Read More

  • TiVo Premiere hands-on~!

    Greetings! Nicholas and Jimin here live from the big TiVo Premiere launch in New York. There was a man guarding the device, which was hidden under a cloak, but when the cloak was lifted, oh dear! The gist: this is a TiVo you’re probably going to want. HD menus (build using Adobe Flash), searching that actually makes sense, a fancy remote control, and other goodness that you… Read More

  • Series 3 TiVo boxes will NOT get the Premiere software

    Sorry, TiVo owners. Your TiVo HD and HD XL boxes will not be getting the swanky new software TiVo announced today according to an official TiVo spokeswomen we just asked. It probably has something to do with the fact that the Premiere hardware is the same as the current generation and therefore current owners would have little reason to upgrade to the new models. This isn’t very… Read More

  • Sony's gaming headset rocks the modern design

    Sony just launched a new gaming headset line in Asia, and they look nice. I’m not entirely sure how comfortable they are based on the rendering, but they certainly look lighter than most headsets. Expect to see them in Asia this month, and hopefully Sony will bring them over to us sooner rather then later. No word on pricing at this time. Read More

  • The TiVo Premiere is finally official

    Finally. We finally have new TiVo models. The TiVo HD XL launched a long year and half ago and the UI is even older. But that’s behind us now, the TiVo Premier is here and it’s (nearly) everything we need in a DVR. Everything is different: the hardware, the interface, even the remote. (QWERTY!) Read More

  • Nike Sense technology automatically adjusts stud length in your soccer boots. Hey, if it's good enough for Cristiano Ronaldo!

    Fortune smiled upon me a few days ago, giving me the chance to check out Adidas’ new equipment that’ll be used during the World Cup. It was fun. Nike, on the other hand? Well, apparently the company hates us for reasons I’ll never understand, so I had to find out about its new boots, also to be used in the World Cup, via some other site. I mean, come on! Read More

  • London’s TechHub plans to be a mini-cluster for tech startups

    TechHub (@TechHub), the project set up by Elizabeth Varley and Mike Butcher to create a physical space in London for tech start-ups “from from across the UK, Europe, the US and beyond”, appears to be well on its way. It is now accepting a limited number of Founder Memberships, booking sponsors and details about the actual space will, I’m told, be outlined… Read More

  • Leaked BlackBerry slider photos – man, that's ugly

    I can’t be the only one that thinks this alleged leaked BlackBerry slider is butt ugly. Am I right? Shades of old-school Palm Pilots. It’s like they took the Pre and gave it shoulder pads. Landscape QWERTY is the way to go, my friends. Woo! Man, that thing is not looking good. At least the Storm 2 is a good-looking piece of hardware. Read More

  • The AP leaks the first photo and confirms the TiVo Premiere name

    Well done, AP. Thanks for giving us the very first look at what TiVo has in store for us later tonight. Too bad you had to go plaster your watermark all over it. But from what we can gather, it seems like the interface got an HD makeover while maintain the classic TiVo look and feel. Plus the image description confirms the TiVo Premiere name that leaked back in December. ** HOLD FOR… Read More

  • Muitos brasileiros estam comprando televisões especificamente para A Copa do Mundo

    Bom-dia, amigos! É Nicholas com uma conta do Brasil! Vocês sabem que A Copa do Mundo inicia em junho, mas sabiam que muitos brasileiros estam a comprar televisões especficamente para o torneio? Uma firma, DisplaySearch, diz que carragamentos dos LCD TVs vai subir 68% neste ano no país. É claro que todo o Brasil quer ver A Seleção conquistar a copa! Read More

  • A look at Nepal's equivalent of CES

    BB has some great images from Nepal’s CAN InfoTech, a 17-year-old tech trade show. It had 238 stalls where folks were flogging amazing 8TB hard drives and the three year old Nokia N81. Read More

  • Google Backs Its Boy, HTC, In The Apple Lawsuit Ring

    As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Apple has filed a lawsuit against device-maker HTC over 20 patents they control. As you might imagine, Google has something to say about it too. “We are not a party to this lawsuit. However, we stand behind our Android operating system and the partners who have helped us to develop it,” a Google spokesperson emailed us. Read More

  • Give your Nexus One a custom LED trackball

    Right now you need to root your Nexus One and such to enable the hot color LEDs, but you have to imagine that if Google built-in the capability, then it will probably be enabled in an update. At least you would think so, right? Read More

  • Throw away those Baby Einstein DVDs

    Bam. If you’ve ever had to sit through a modern educational kids movie, you’ve realized they’re garbage. Junk like Diego and Baby Einstein are useless educationally and, in comparison to Looney Tunes and the like, absolute pablum. Now parents won’t feel guilty because little Mason and Kirsten aren’t learning how to say “monito” through video watching. Read More

  • Google Handing Out Free Nexus Ones And Droids To Top Android Devs

    Google Handing Out Free Nexus Ones And Droids To Top Android Devs

    Google has just sent out an Email to select Android developers informing them that they are eligible to receive either a Verizon Droid or a Nexus One, as part of its ‘Device Seeding Program’. The criteria for getting one of the phones is to have an application with 3.5 stars or higher and more than 5,000 downloads, which sounds like it could include quite a few developers. In an… Read More

  • Crazy sequencer runs a 5MHz crystal

    There’s nothing like a little oots oots to round out a Tuesday afternoon. This odd sequencer, called the BlackBox 2.0 uses four Propeller chips and a proto board to built some crazy audio. Read More

  • G.ho.st's Web-Based Operating System To Shut Down March 15

    Ghost Inc., also known as G.ho.st, is shutting down its personal cloud-based services in two weeks, according to an email the company just sent out to users. Ghost cites “changes in the marketplace” as the reason behind the shutdown, but says that the startup will continue to license or sell its technology to larger companies. The service launched its beta last summer after years… Read More

  • 'Scuse me guv'nor. You seem to have forgotten your teeth

    Everyone considers the airport to be quite the hassle. The waiting, the unpacking, the undressing. But we suffer through it daily for some sort of sense of security. The British though, apparently don’t have that sort of time to waste. A recent study by Airport Parking and Hotels revealed that an alarming array and number of items are left behind by the British jet set. Read More

  • ClickandBuy, the 'European PayPal', lets Facebook users set up shop

    [UK/Germany] ClickandBuy, the ‘European PayPal’, has launched a Facebook app – Buxter – that enables users of the social network to send and receive real money through the site rather than virtual currency, which the company claims as first. In fact, it’s a little more ambitious than that. The London and Cologne-based company also wants to become the platform… Read More

  • The Sony Dash is available for pre-ordering if you have a spare $199

    Good news. You can finally pre-order the Sony Dash. You know, the Chumby clone announced at CES 2010. That is, of course, if you actually want the $199 table-top thing. Read More

  • Be on the lookout for TiVo news later today!

    I don’t want to alarm any of you, but today is TiVo Day! Yes, a little later on today TiVo will unveil something that’s sure to please Matt Burns, if no one else. There have been plenty of rumors as to what the company has up its sleeves, but I’m sworn to secrecy. That, and it’s been several months since they actually told me What’s Up, and I simply do not… Read More

  • Logitech outs new clip-on USB speaker

    Logitech promises that “Your built-in speakers just can’t compete with the stereo sound from this lightweight, portable speaker.” Whether or not that’s true will be up to you to decide, I suppose, but the single-cable operation of the “Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205” that’s “tiny enough to toss in your bag” may appeal to those of you looking… Read More

  • Nokia Ovi store now seeing 22 app downloads per second, plus other stats

    If you’re trying to keep track of how all the app stores are performing in relation to each other (or are otherwise just a stats geek), this one ought to make your day. Nokia has just released a pocketful of statistics regarding their app store, Ovi, detailing just how well it was doing as of the end of February. Read More

  • NVIDIA’s ION 2 promises faster graphics and long battery life

    It’s official. NVIDIA’s ION 2 GPUs are coming. You’ll see them on more than 30 products come summer time. The company is promising “10x faster graphics and up to 10 hours of battery life.” So much for that whole power-versus-battery-life tradeoff. Read More

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