Shavers, git-fiddles and synths, oh my

Good old Bill Ruppert sent us the video of his latest creation, a complete homage to “Welcome to the Machine” using only EHX pedals and an electric shaver. Crazy stuff.

From the EHX post:

In this episode we explore how to produce synthesizer sounds and effects from the classic Pink Floyd recording “Welcome To The Machine.“ The original recording from the 1975 album “Wish You Were Here” used an EMS VCS 3, ARP String Ensemble and Mini-Moog synthesizers.

“It’s very much a made-up-in-the-studio thing which was all built up from a basic throbbing made on a VCS 3, with a one repeat echo used so that each ‘boom’ is followed by an echo repeat to give the throb. With a number like that, you don’t start off with a regular concept of group structure or anything, and there’s no backing track either. Really it is just a studio proposition where we’re using tape for its own ends—a form of collage using sound.“
-David Gilmour, 1975, WYWH Songbook