Plextor's first SSDs are now available for your consumption

It seems like nearly every computer accessory maker has a line of SSDs now and Plextor just joined that club with two SSDs. The company showed off its upcoming models at CES 2010, but now both the 64GB and 128GB options are available — for a pretty price.

Pricing is inline with other current options available. The 64GB (PX-64M1S) carries an MSRP of $235 with the 128GB (PX-128M1S) going for $415. The drives utilize the popular Marvell controller chipset, which delivers read/write speeds of 110MB/s and 65MB/s on the 64GB option and 130MB/s and 70MB/s on the 120GB drive. They are a tad expensive, yes, but they are also breakneck-quick.