Pioneer outs the low-priced, surprisingly competent VSX-820-K and VSX-520-K AV receivers

Pioneer’s latest home theater receivers aren’t amazing. They’re not jam-packed with all crazy one-off audio modes or loaded to the gill with connectivity options. But that’s fine. It does HDMI 1.4, works with an optional $99 Bluetooth streaming thingabob, has enough power, and supports the main HD audio codecs. Oh, and they’re only $229 and $299.

The VSX-820-K runs the three bills and comes to the table with a 110×5 Watts and works with the iPhone via a front-connected cable that allows for streaming of video, music, and pics. The back panel sports four HDMI inputs and one output along with a host of legacy I/O. The 820-K also is Sirius Satellite Radio ready and has an on-screen display.

The VSX-520-K has the same 110×5 setup but only has three HDMI ports. It’s also doesn’t play nicely with an iDevice or Sirius. Seeing as it’s only $70 less than the 820-K, it might be worth your time to work that double shift to earn the little bit extra for the slightly better model.

Exact release info hasn’t been released just yet but Amazon currently has both models up for pre-order.