i-tab digital tablature reader

Its a proven fact that playing guitar will get you chicks. Unfortunately, by the time you actually put in the time to stop sucking at it, most of the chicks are gone. The i-tab will have you playing pop songs in no time, its up to you whether or not you look like a putz while doing so.

The device itself has a 5″ touch screen with integrated speakers for playing backing tracks. You get 4GB of onboard storage to hold as many Aerosmith MP3s as your little heart could desire.

The i-tab currently only supports guitar tabs, but other instruments are in the development tubes, including some full scores. I don’t see a lot here that can’t be accomplished with an Android or iPhone app. I’m sure the developers considered it and have their own reasons for not doing so. But 200 USD is a bit steep for a dedicated tab reader.

Probably the most newsworthy part of this unit is how it represents a real push for so-called “legal” tabs. Sure there have been plenty of websites that pay their share of licensing fees to ASCAP, BMI and the like, but i-tab is the first integrated device/service to do so.