Facebook app for Zune HD is live – get thee to the Zune-appery

The Facebook app all of us Zune HD lovers have been waiting for has arrived! It looks pretty solid, but due to a hilarious sequence of errors, I can’t update my Zune software to allow the app to be installed. Seriously, Microsoft, I want to recommend Zune stuff to everyone, but you make it so difficult for me. You can see what it looks like in these screenshots, at any rate. More in the gallery below.

Damn, can anyone get this thing working? I keep getting a network error. Come on!

Update: if you’re having issues with the app not pulling info from Facebook, Microsoft has this to say:

After launching the Facebook application for the Zune HD, we discovered a technical issue related to the API calls to Facebook which does not allow Zune users to view News Feed. The Facebook and Microsoft engineering teams are working together and hope to have a solution in the coming days

I don’t know how major apps like this launch without somebody maybe installing it on a random Zune HD and seeing if it works with someone’s Facebook account who isn’t on the Zune team.