Dedicated Doom handheld hacked from an old digital camera

If you really, truly are a Doom fanatic, you likely can’t get enough even though it has pretty much been ported to every single phone, handheld, and platform. You can even play it in your seat-back system on Virgin America. But like I said, some need it all day every day, and maybe this little hack is for them. Doesn’t really look like the best Doom experience you can have, but there’s something special about it.

The Digita OS on old Kodak digital cameras was around long enough for people to hack stuff onto it — apps and such, you know. And although JJ, the creator, acknowledges that he could have put MAME and other stuff onto this little box, he wanted it Doom-only. And who can blame him?

Basically he took the guts of the camera and put them in a new case with a revised button board so he wouldn’t be playing with a wonky d-pad and some function buttons. It’s an ugly devil, sure, but like I said, there’s a special something about hacks like this. I think, though, I’d still prefer a Pandora.

[via Hack a Day]