Be careful when handling that iBuyPower laptop!

Whoa. It seems that our amigos over at Laptop Magazine had a bit of a run-in with an iBuyPower laptop, and that nasty little cut was the result. IBuyPower’s response? “Yikes, we need to look into that, one moment please.”

So the deal is that the “W” in the word iBuyPower peels off in less than 1 percent of Battalion Touch CZ-10 gaming laptops. The logo, which is aluminum, was able to slice right through Laptop’s skin, leaving the battle wound you see there. It’s not something you’d want to deal with, no.

If there’s a silver lining to this story, it’s that, after some digging around, iBuyPower was able to identify the defect, and has gone ahead and fixed it. In a perfect world that means, should you decide to plop down the $999 for the laptop, you shouldn’t have to worry about walking away with needing to go to the emergency room.

And if you already own one of these laptops, it wouldn’t hurt contacting iBuyPower to see if they can replace it with a new, less dangerous one.