Apple prepping a Mac mini with HDMI? And Blu-ray?

The Mac mini has long been a HTPC fan favorite. It’s small, quiet, yet powerful. But it doesn’t have an HDMI port, which makes many Apple clowns sad. But hold on, a rumor just popped up that states that Apple is working on a Mac mini with *gasp* an HDMI port!

This is actually a little surprising seeing Apple’s love affair with DisplayPort. The company previously seemed like it couldn’t care less about HDMI and all its benefits. It’s not found on any Apple product besides the AppleTV even though the interface is found on some low-cost netbooks. Something, if this rumor has some truth to it, clearly changed with Apple’s HQ. But hopefully the rumor’s true as HDMI not only supports all the picture goodness high-def has to offer, but also serves up delicious HD audio. The update would certainly make for some happy Mac fanboys.

Perhaps the addition of the HDMI has something to do with Blu-ray. After all it’s part of the Blu-ray spec to output the signal via an HDMI port to counter piracy concerns. If the Blu-ray Disc Association required Apple to have an HDMI port on one of its Blu-ray devices like the Mac mini, all the other Blu-ray-equipped Apple computers will likely have an HDMI port as well. Just saying…