"We are working on an API:" This Is Why Embargoes Suck

Warning: The little animals curse a little.

This cute little video is literally what we go through on a daily basis with PR people. It basically recounts our daily conversations with strangers that go something like this:

PR Person: “We have big news! But you guys don’t sign embargoes.”
Me: “Fine, we’ll sign an embargo.”
PR Person: “Sign this in duplicate and fax a copy to Nepal then Fedex a copy to our CEO.”
Me: “Done. What is it.”
PR Person: “It’s a new sandwich. With bacon!”

Steve O’Hear created this Howl-esque video showing the Catch-22 of embargoes and how PR companies basically use embargoes to put up a velvet rope in front of a mound of manure. It is so true to life I have goose bumps. If you wonder why we get so worked up all the time about this topic, it’s because of exchanges like these.

via BB