The just-announced Corsair Reactor and Nova product lines are SSDs, not UFP starships

Corsair isn’t a new player in the SSD game, but it has some new entries for your consideration. The Reactor and Nova series are both solid performers, but offer slightly different benefits for different users. While the speedy Nova series zips files along at 270MB/s (read) and 195MB/s (write) thanks to the Indilinx Bareboot controller, the Reactor models have slightly slower speeds of 250/170MB/s but has a USB 2.0 connector built-in for added connectivity.

Both models also feature TRIM support in case your OS like Win7 also has the capability. Both series also ships with a 3.5″ bracket for desktop mounting and a claimed-reliability of over 1,000,000 hours of use. The 128GB and 64GB Nova drives run $369 and $273, while the 120GB and 60GB Reactor models are slightly less at $349 and $184, respectively. All four are available now from your favorite online retailer.