The Back-Up: Access your shotgun while in the lying position

$39.95. That’s all you have to spend to protect your home from the comfort of your bed. Buy two! One for each side of the bed! Buy three for the bottom of your bed when you and the missus are doing the “strangle dangle thing.” Buy one for the couch! Buy one for the pool-side lounger! We’re living in crazy times, people. This is the only way you’ll survive.

If a shotgun is in the corner of a room or under the bed, one must turn their back on a perpetrator to access it
The BackUp allows for 2 second accessibility when in need
The Back-Up provides this from a lying position in bed. Just reach 8 inches along the side of the mattress, feel your gun as it is racked parallel to the floor. Simply raise the gun from the rack for use.

I for one am clinging to to my guns, religion, and pillow.