Ron Conway Raising $10 Million Angel Fund To Expand SV Angel

Super-angel Ron Conway, who is one of the most prolific and successful investors in Silicon Valley, is expanding his SV Angel fund to include outside investors (recently he has invested only his own capital in startups). He is raising a new fund of around $10 million, we’ve confirmed.

Conway, who was called the “Godfather of Silicon Valley” in a book by Gary Rivlin, is considered by many to be the most important angel investor in technology. He sees most new startups before anyone else, and an investment by his firm is a serious milestone. His deep ties to most top tier venture capital firms also ensure quick introductions and a long look when the time comes to raise a second and larger round of capital.

He was one of the first investors in Google, and has, he says, invested in hundreds of startups over the last twenty years. His current investments include Facebook, Twitter, Digg and just about every other startup of note you’ve heard about.

In other words, he isn’t going to have any trouble finding takers for this $10 million fund.

Until mid-2009 Conway made most of his investments through Baseline Ventures, a fund run by Steve Anderson. Conway moved to direct investing as he began to focus his time on real-time startups, which he is still bullish on. In June 2009, he promised 40-50 new investments over the following 18 months.

Since that time, he’s averaged about 4 investments per month, so he’s well on track to keep that promise.