zForce touchscreens from Neonode

Anyone remember Neonode? Apparently we do, but not very well. Anyway, these guys are back with a range of touchscreen panels called zForce. These pads range from 5 to 13 in. widescreen models, and are supposed to have plenty of advantages over current resistive and capacitive panel systems. Well that certainly sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

And what exactly are those advantages you might ask? Well don’t ask me, ask the press release.

100% transparency (no overlay needed like in resistive or capacitive), low cost for complete touch screen solution, ultrathin design, outstanding finger touch experiences (multi-touch support for gesture like pinch to zoom), integrated ambient light sensor for self adjusting backlight levels and lower power consumption and much more.

The Neonode website also claims the zForce is equally responsive when you’re wearing gloves. I know I would prefer not to have my fingers freeze when I’m trying to figure out exactly what part of Brooklyn I’m lost in.