Video: The Early Days Of Pyra Labs / Blogger (Featuring @Ev Williams)

We got a tip about a video from the same people who made us – and subsequently, you – aware of Biz Stone‘s 2006 video-recorded attempt to explain ‘Twttr’ when the service that became Twitter was still in diapers.

This time, it’s Twitter’s other co-founder, Evan Williams, who appears in a video with developer Paul Bausch, Meg Hourihan, Alberto González and some birds, recorded way back when.

More specifically, the recording dates back to 1999, the same year Williams co-founded Pyra Labs – the company behind Blogger, acquired by Google in 2003 – together with Hourihan.

If you’re low on time, skip to the 3:17 mark, when we catch a glimpse of the Pyra Labs office in its early days, and witness the glorious arrival of a brand new server for the Blogger service.

(Thanks, Grigoris!)