Quake 3, Android style

Quake 3 has been ported to Android. It looks slick, too (see video demo below). The project is called “kwaak3” and is based on Quake 3 ports to the iPhone and Nokia N900. The developer got everything up and running on a Motorola Milestone (a GSM Motorola Droid with multi-touch, basically) and makes use of the phone’s keyboard, “so it won’t work on your Nexus One or other phone at this point,” according to the project page.

The minimum required Android version is 1.6, though, so you may be able to load it up on your own Android phone if you don’t have a Droid/Milestone. Indeed, the developer lists frames-per-second rates for the HTC Hero as well.

Here’s a quick video demo from AndroidandMe’s YouTube page:

The features, according to the project page:

  • Audio
  • Hardware floating-point on Neon-capable devices
  • Input: keyboard, touchscreen and trackball
  • OpenGL 3D rendering
  • Game uses ARM optimized libcgamearm.so / libqaarm.so / libuiarm.so
  • Networking

Yes, networking. “There is network support in Quake3 which works properly. I played against my laptop using wifi and it works fine,” according to the developer.

Cool stuff. If ever there was a need for a full size mouse and keyboard, this might be it.

kwaak3 [Google Code via Slashdot]