Nikon's lens rebate program starting on the 28th

Get that wallet ready, Nikon’s annual instant rebate program is starting on the 28th. Pretty much always a good deal, Nikon loves to tempt the weak with their instant rebate offers on lenses and gear that they roll out on a yearly basis. Case in point – I bought my D300 back in 2008 (with the oh so popular 18-200 VR) and justified it to my wife as a “really great deal” because of the rebate. Luckily she’s a patient woman, and we’re still married.

So what’s coming on the 28th? Well if the rumor is correct, the rebates will be on some of the most popular “walking around” lenses. All of the rebates are for (almost) any SLR with a particular lens, and the amount varies based on which lens you choose. If you buy the 70-200, the rebate is $400, the 24-70 is $300, the 18-200 VRII (my favorite) is $250, and the amount on the 24-120 is $200. All of these are instant rebates if you buy from an authorized Nikon dealer, which you should anyway for warranty purposes. We don’t have the official list of compatible SLRs yet of course, so it would be best to wait until the 28th before you get too excited about picking up that new D3s. By the way, there’s also word that Nikon may be offering instant rebates on some of their more popular P&S cameras as well, but only time will tell on that one.