iControlPad iPhone game controllers in production, one features extended battery

Oh my, does this look nice. If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch and you’ve been wishing/hoping/praying for some sort of tactile controller to come along so you can use your favorite emulators as the gaming gods intended, the wait may soon be over. The iControlPad (previous coverage here) has gone into mass production.

According to the product’s website:

“The iControlPad will come in two different versions, one with an internal battery which doubles the iPhone battery life (idea for long gaming sessions) and a budget version which has no battery. They both have the same controls.”

Looks like we’ve got a D-pad, two analog controllers, A/B/X/Y buttons, and Select/Start buttons. The form factor has changed a bit from the svelte earlier version, but the final product’s extra girth allows for the extended battery and analog sticks.

Here’s a demo video:

Looking good. I’d absolutely buy this provided it doesn’t cost a skillion dollars. Unfortunately, there’s no firm word on an actual availability date or pricing yet.

iControlPad [iControlPad.com via SlashGear]