Twitter Connects With Two From LinkedIn

Back in December, LinkedIn released a slick-looking update to the iPhone app. That looks to be the swan song for the man largely responsible for it, Bryan Haggerty. Because today’s he’s leaving LinkedIn for Twitter. [Update: And we hear he’s not the only one leaving LinkedIn for Twitter today — more on that below.]

As he both tweets and blogs about, Haggerty will be joining Twitter’s fast-growing mobile team. At LinkedIn, Haggerty did a lot more than the iPhone app, he also built the apps for the Pre and the BlackBerry. He also helped build the Buzz application that let companies scan information about them on yes, Twitter.

So what will a mobile UI guy be doing at Twitter? Well considering they just updated their previously awful mobile UI to something much nicer (on phones like the iPhone, at least), who knows. Maybe they’ll update it again. Or maybe they’ll even start dabbling in their own native mobile applications. But would they dare do that and risk alienating the many third party developers working on platforms like the iPhone? We’ll see.

Twitter has been hiring other UI people recently as well. And they continue to pull new employees left and right from some of the most well-known companies in Silicon Valley.

Update: We also hear that another LinkedIn employee is joining Twitter: Taylor Singletary, a LinkedIn evangelist and product manager will apparently be doing API evangelism at Twitter, we hear. While Singletary has confirmed that today was his last day at LinkedIn, he has yet to officially state where he’s going next — though he does tweet about birdies…

[thanks Brad]