Researchers trying to find out why baby cries

Ever wonder exactly why the baby is crying? Is he hungry? Is she tired? Does she have gas? Does he need changed? All these questions whirled about in my head whenever junior would wake in the middle of the night and start making noises. Researchers in Japan however, are working to find an answer to the first question, however they haven’t made any progress with the followup question, “why aren’t that baby’s parents making him be quiet?”

The scientists at the very important sounding “Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering” are working on the problem. They’ve had little success so far, due to the fact that a baby can’t communicate to indicate if they are right or wrong. They keep working on the project though, and promise to spend millions until they finally reach a solution. The current device uses an audio spectrum analyzer and recorded samples to try and match up the cause of the child’s distress.