New Microsoft Bluetrack mice are portable, affordable, and colorful

If you’re looking for a nice, functional, portable mouse, Microsoft has your number. While their high-end mice tend to lose their luster in the face of cooler gear from Logitech and Razer, Microsoft’s mobile line has always been comfortable and functional. They’ve just expanded it a bit with a few new compact models so you’ve got more than ever to choose from. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

The Wireless Mouse 3500 is a compact one with the usual five buttons and tiny wireless transceiver that you can leave in your laptop. It’s got a stated 8-month battery life, which isn’t as good as that Logitech Wireless Desktop, but not bad. $30.

Next you have the larger “full-size” Wireless Mouse 2000, which has a kind of pear shape to it. Looks like it fits in the hand a bit better, and it’s got a tilt wheel into the bargain. Also $30.

Last is the runt, the “Comfort Mouse 4500,” which sounds like a sex toy to me. No? Okay, maybe not. It’s the Wireless Mouse 2000 with a wire. That wire will save you $5, bringing the subtotal to $25, sir.

Not very exciting, but the Bluetrack tracking tech really works and these are cheap enough to buy in bulk for your office or whatnot. And the most important part is they now come in several colors, as you see above. Maybe this was the true Project Pink?