Microsoft's tiny uPad is both a conductive charger and tiny display

You know, I actually meant to write this up a couple days ago, but at the time all I could find was the schematics you see below. No real indication of whether this was a product-to-be, a patent lark, or what. Engadget popped it up, though, and someone recognized it and sent over some pictures. Apparently it’s been around for almost a year, and was given out as a gift from Microsoft Research Asia. One side charges a MS Laser Mouse 7000, which unfortunately is a terrible mouse, and the other is a microscopic display. It seems they’ve got some work to do on this one, but it’s a cool idea.

I like desktop widgets, but I can never find one that’s actually useful. If you put some media controls on this thing, with a couple widgets, I bet you’d sell a kajillion of them.