Future iPads to have front-facing cameras, flash (bulbs, not software)

9to5Mac found these delightful buttons.

What the deuce? It seems that the new iPad SDK 3.2 Beta 3 has some very interesting bits of code and UI components that point to a front facing camera – a boolean called hasFrontCamera – and a boolean for a flash LED (not Adobe Flash) called hasFlash. There are also two buttons in the interface for accepting and declining video chats.

Now remember: the iPad has a little spot for a front-facing camera in it already but all signs point to the fact that it won’t be implemented in this first version. Unless there’s some amazing October surprise that pops up when they ship final hardware, don’t expect to be comm-screening with J.F. Sebastian using your futuristic videophone this time around.

Not a lot of meat here, but plenty of potatoes. More as we get it.

via MacRumors