Electrical vehicle concepts running rampant

Couple of things to talk about: Honda just announced that they are going to show off an electric concept vehicle, and a Hungarian company is making a concept car that’s capable of splitting into two separate vehicles.

Of the two, I think the Honda is more likely to become a reality. The Honda 3R-C is a single person transport, but pulls design cues from a trike instead of a motorcycle. It’s for Honda’s urban commuter concept for zero emission transportation, and uses a lithium ion battery system. Honda is also working on a car in the same vein, which actually has the ability to combine two smaller vehicles into one larger. The EV-N car would have solar panels in the roof, and charge the vehicle while it’s parked.

The Hungarian option however, isn’t quite so promising. Remember after all these are the people who brought you the Yugo. The Antro company is in the process of developing a car that will actually split into to smaller cars, each one capable of going about 12 miles before needing a recharge. That’s actually considered to be fine for a commute, but anything resembling a road trip would be pretty much impossible. Antro plans to be able to deliver this vehicle sometime in 2012.