Spotify competitor We7 screws up iPhone app launch

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[UK] It’s probably tricky to time these things to perfection, since Apple pulls the strings.

The UK Spotify competitor, We7, has had its iPhone app approved and is now available to download from the iTunes App Store. The problem is that the associated premium music subscription service, needed to run the app, doesn’t seemed to have launched yet.

Or at least that’s how it looks.

Judging by the site’s subscription page and reviews published in the App Store, whilst you can download the app, since you can’t yet subscribe to the mobile version of We7’s music subscription service, it’s currently useless.

In fact, Musically reports that the premium plus version of We7 isn’t scheduled to launch until 1st of March.

Update: We7 CEO Steve Purdham has responded to this post in the comments. He confirms that the date for We7’s Premium+ (mobile) launch is still 1st of March, and that the delay between the iPhone app going live and the associated subscription service was intentional. “The time difference lets us check and test the service live end to end”, explains Purdham.

When it does launch, the app and subscription (costing £9.99 per-month) will enable:

– Unrestricted access to the full we7 library of music
– No adverts
– Player queue: see full list of queued tracks at a glance
– Full streaming @ 192kbps
– Sync playlists to any changes on the we7 website
– Offline playlists: enjoy playlists offline, when mobile connection is weak or non-existent
– Top Rated Tracks: constantly updated lists of all the most popular tracks
– Search: by song, by artist, by album.

That’s pretty much on-par with Spotify’s offering.

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  • GP

    It’s actually rather easy to set a “starting date” for your app when you submit it for review, and even change the date afterwards. We7 simply could have had the app submitted/approved with the starting date set at some point in the future when they knew their service would be available.

  • Erick

    Sounds like We7 is ran by a bunch of boobs.

  • Adam @ ArcTouch

    You can set your “Availability Date” for your app which doesn’t set the date when your app will be approved for sale, but is the earliest date that you want the app to be live in the store.

    This is how you can time your app availability to press releases, marketing events, and making sure your back-end services are in place if they need to be.

  • popo

    “That’s pretty much on-par with Spotify’s offering.”
    Bing and Google pretty much offer the same “a search engine”

  • Gavin

    So what if it’s not ready, you only need to wait 5 days guys ?

    I really can’t understand why you are making such a fuss. For me, it seems to make sense to have the app released and ready on the app store for the Go Live date which is only 5 days!

  • Steve Purdham

    Hi Guys
    You’ve got to love how the UK turns good things into negative ones. To be very clear, the launch date for we7 Premium+ is March 1st.

    This is not a ‘screw up’ its a structured plan and one that makes sense, the we7 app on the iphone is only part of a big jigsaw that delivers great music on and off-line to our users.

    The time difference lets us check and test the service live end to end.

    No doubt someone will turn this comment into something negative but 3m UK monthly users enjoy a great British music service at we7 and the streaming with Off-line caching is a game changing way for consuming great music.

    All the best


    CEO we7

    • Gavin

      Steve the CEO? Surely an official response would have been better than leaving a comment ?

      Anyway, you are carrying on the point I was trying to make, there is no screw up at all.

      I’m actually a subscriber to Spotify for £9.99 per month but used to use We7. Now We7 has a very similar app and for the same price I’m definately going to try it out.

      The reason I prefer We7 is that you can stream through a browser and also have pre-made playlists such as Top 40.

      • Steve O'Hear

        Leaving a comment is actually helpful.

        Thanks Steve.

      • Gavin

        Yes it is helpful but it could also be an imposter

    • Richard John

      “the streaming with Off-line caching is a game changing way for consuming great music.”

      Yeah, it was pretty game changing when Spotify released that several months ago!

  • The Music Void

    This is an interesting interview with Steve Purdham from We7 about the service, and states they expect to be profitable “by end of 2010 or first half of 2011 at the latest.”

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