Aperture 3 gets its first major update

Aperture 3, Apple’s latest prosumer photo manipulation and organization software, got a major update and it looks like a doozy. As you recall, Aperture was eating memory like an Ancient Roman at an orgy and essentially bogging down all and sundry. This update improves the speed with which large libraries are imported and fixes many of the heavy batch issues that cropped up in the first release.

Full list of fixes after the jump. You can read more about the problem over at the KBase.

About Aperture 3.0.1
This update improves overall stability and addresses a number of issues in Aperture 3, including:

Upgrading libraries from earlier versions of Aperture
Importing libraries from iPhoto
Importing photos directly from a camera
Memory usage when processing heavily-retouched photos
Face recognition processing
Adding undetected faces using the Add Missing Face button
Printing pages containing multiple images
Printing photos and contact sheets with borders and metadata
Editing photos using an external editor
Display of images with Definition and Straighten adjustments applied
Zooming photos in the Viewer and in the Loupe using keyboard shortcuts
Accessing Aperture libraries on a network volume Selecting and moving pins on the Places map
Adding and editing custom locations using the Manage My Places window
Switching between masters when working with RAW+JPEG pairs.