LG reveals new XNOTE ultralight, accidentally leaks its HDTV plans

So we’ve got some official news from LG and some, shall we say, unofficial news. First, they’ve put out a nice-looking little CULV-based 11.6-inch ultralight laptop. You can get it with a Core2 Duo as well, but I’m thinking they offer CULV for a reason: battery life. At any rate, now you’ve got one more lappy to choose from. Specs below.

Also, someone accidentally hit the “share” button on a Google Docs spreadsheet, where a few interesting little tidbits were revealed. Actually, pretty predictable tidbits, but if you’re an HDTV fanatic, they’ll be nice to know. First, the TVs we saw at CES are coming out in the March-April time frame, which was kind of what was expected. You’re also going to get 3D versions of the top-shelf TVs along with 3D-compatible Blu-ray stuff in May. Just long enough that you can’t return the one you bought in March. Future damn!

One of the big things with this round of HDTVs was that they’re going to support 720p Skype. And of course, LG is going to be providing their own webcam accessory soon. That was leaked too. Then there are the 47-inch, 480Hz LEX8 and LEX9 models, which are whispered to be about a quarter of an inch thick. Not that it makes that much difference from those TVs that were a third of an inch think last year, but hey, why not?

I believe CNET found the leak but the link from Electronista seems to be dead… I think the black LG helicopters got to them. But I shall post without fear. It’s all for the greater good, or something.

Oh – those laptop specs! Right, here you are: 2GB of RAM, a 320GB or 500GB hard drive for the CULV and Core2 versions respectively, and the usual complement of USB ports, Wi-Fi capability and so on. They’re Korea-only for now, and cost the equivalent of 1000 United States Dollars, sir. Not too exciting, but choice is good.

[via Electronista]