HTC Desire headed for AT&T, Sprint picks up Legend (as Hero2)?

HTC seemed pretty confident that the HTC Desire and HTC Legend weren’t US-bound when we talked to them at Mobile World Congress. But hey, things change — right? Boy Genius Report has just received word that the two handsets are bound for this side of the ocean, along with details on which carriers might be nabbing them.

According to the ever trusty Boy Genius, the HTC Desire will find its way to AT&T’s shores some time this May or June. AT&T customers must be thrilled; the competitor’s shelves are quickly filling with Android handsets, and all AT&T has to offer is the Motorola Backflip. The Desire might see a few slight physical alterations from the model we saw at MWC, but it doesn’t sound like anything major. Word has it that AT&T’s Desire will tout HTC’s Sense UI — and unless AT&T/HTC have a trick up their sleeves, it’ll be the first AT&T phone to do so.

Sprint, who already carries the Hero and Samsung Moment, will be picking up the other hot Android device. The Legend, or Hero2 as it may be called on Sprint, may also differ from what we’ve all seen on the Interwebz. No surprises there, as the original Sprint Hero is easily distinguishable from its GSM counterpart. Alas, there is no time frame for the Hero2 — but with the way things have been leaking lately, that’ll probably spill out before too long.