You Can Now Send Scans From Lexmark Printers Straight To Evernote

Evernote, a great Web service that enables people to capture and store information, memories, and content in various environments, this morning announced the availability of an Evernote SmartSolution app for three of Lexmark’s inkjet printers: Interact, Prestige and Platinum.

The Evernote SmartSolution application basically allows users to send hardcopy scans from these Lexmark devices straight into their Evernote Web account with the touch of a single button, computer not required.

The Evernote application was developed by Lexmark, and a shortcut to the service can be added to the printer touch screens in a matter of minutes. After setup, tapping the Evernote application can send scans to pre-configured Evernote accounts over the Web.

At the end of last year, venture capital backed Evernote had about 2 million people using its service, and its conceivable that only a small subset of those actually own one of those Lexmark printers. That said, I like the idea of being able to manage Web services on devices other than computers and phones.

Now can they please hook up my fridge?