Citrix Online Acquires Paglo, Enters IT Management With Launch Of GoToManage

Citrix Online

Citrix Online has announced the acquisition of Paglo Labs. The deal was completed in early 2010 and no financial terms have been disclosed. Paglo’s entire team has joined Citrix Online; Paglo CEO Brian de Haaff is now senior product director, IT Services for Citrix Online. The deal was announced concurrently with the launch of GoToManage, a new Citrix Online Product based on Paglo’s software.

Citrix Online is a market leader in SaaS web-based technical solutions. Its GoToAssist software allows customers to interact directly with a clients computer, resolving issues remotely. Paglo Labs is a leader in IT Management SaaS. Customers are able to monitor, analyze and manage their devices, networks, server, logs and more.

GoToManage combines the abilities of both platforms. It offers remote surveillance, control and support of IT infrastructure. Citrix plans on leveraging its existing relationships with businesses to enter the SaaS-based IT management market. Brett Caine, general manager of Citrix Online notes:

“As a trusted partner to SMBs, we are well positioned to capitalize on the huge market potential in IT management with our signature and proven ‘simpler is better’ approach to Web-based services. We’re confident that GoToManage will be enthusiastically embraced by our customers and the market at large.”