Chip Shotz Desktop Golf Game: You know it’s fun because there’s a Z in the name

When it’s winter outside, you can’t play golf! There’s not even a close substitute. I mean, what are you going to do? Play it as a video game or something? Name me one golf video game! No, for those of us going absolutely bat-shit stir crazy waiting for winter to end, maybe this $13 desktop golf set will help.


  • One golfer
  • Three balls
  • Two trees
  • One pin
  • One green
  • One water hazard
  • One water hazard sand trap

The little golfer can hit the ball up to four feet using a little lever mechanism. All the parts are magnetic, too, so be sure to avoid those hazards ROTFLOL! Move all the pieces around to create different holes. I’d suggest 18 of them but that’s just me.

Don’t trust a thing I say? Here’s a video:

Minutes of fun. Maybe even hours!

Chip Shotz Golfer Desktop Golf Game []